The North Further Explored 

 We ventured outside the city of Chiang Mai once more, this time finding ourselves in Chiang Dao- a small community with a single large mountain and a series of complex and holy caves.

After a day of looks and eager smiles from the locals (the children would shout hello, an excuse to practice their English) we quickly realized that Chiang Dao doesn’t see a lot of tourist activity. We were lucky enough to be there for the twice a month walking street where members from the surrounding hill tribes come to sell their wares, but other than the cave and the walking street, this is a very slow paced town and depending on where you stay, quite the sprawl.

 The cave is 6km from town, we stayed halfway between the two and rented mountain bikes for 200 baht a day ($9 CAN) from another guesthouse. Well worth it.

 We also stumbled on this great restaurant and unadvertised (atleast online) guesthouse called Bamboo Mountain Coffee House. Hands down the best bread and honey I’ve ever had

 and the cinnamon-banana pancake (just one, it’s huge) was amazing, topped off by a grotesque looking but fantastic tasting passion fruit shake. Perfect combination of sweet and sour.

 We stayed two nights in Chiang Dao, doing the walking street the night we arrived (we got there early afternoon), exploring the cave and discovering Bamboo Mountain Coffee House the next day, before leaving back to Chiang Mai on the third day.

Upon returning to Chiang Mai, we were shown the extent of true Thai hospitality and kindness, a story of which deserves its own blog, and so it shall get one when the time is right.  
We took a night train back to Bangkok and had every intention of heading to Cambodia, however, it seems many others are also wanting to go to Cambodia. We have two days to kill before our bus so we’ve wandered out to Kanchanaburi to briefly experience the Wild West of Thailand.
Sneak peak of our first night here

All the best,


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  1. Nickie says:

    You are so lucky to have the opportunity to see all of this and have so many people whom you have never met be so happy to have you and be kind to the two of you 😀❤️


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