Koh Samed 

Ko Samet has everything you’d expect an island in Thailand to have:

Stretching beaches with white play dough sand and vivid blue water, a night life scene that has the crescent bay of Sai Kaew lit with neon lights and firedancing shows after the sun goes down,

and most importantly, tons of accommodation and local food that hardly costs more than a single outing to the movies in Canada… Per day… After we’ve splurged on dessert after every meal, soda instead of water, and chips to nibble in the evening.

There were tons of roaming dogs and cats, but I thought I would share this one, who, with a newfound bone, could care less that he was in fact the cutest puppy on the whole island. (Yes Samia, they were all mangy and rougher looking, but they all appeared to be eating well enough and receiving good attention from the locals.)
That being said, there have been downsides. Having rented a scooter, I learned that I in fact hate scooters (the weight of the bike made it impossible for me to drive by myself, so Mackenzie, make sure you get small scooters when you make your way to over! And ask about the gas!). Among other things (the huge spider we saw roaming the streets; we now sleep with a towel pressed to the door), the island itself is quite busy being so close to Bangkok, but it’s infinitely quieter than Bangkok, which is what we wanted.

“This spot is perfect, let’s set up shop!” Said Emny, moments before an aggressive wave soaked their towel and they were both thankful they had hung everything else in the tree.

We move through Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai in the days to come.

All the best,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Omer & Bev says:

    The island looks beautiful….And no, you can’t bring that furry, cute puppy home with you, we have enough stray pets 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colleen says:

    It’s beautiful! The sunsets are spectacular.


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